Corporate History 1978 – Present

Highlights Since 1984:

  • Mary Lou Retton – 1984 Olympic Gold Gymnast – 1984-1989 – Executive management representative with over $10 million in licensing corporate contracts negotiated by John Traetta.
  • National High School Federation – 1986-1991 – Televised high school sports on national cable TV including a $1 million Gatorade sponsorship to support the National High School Federation.
  • Arena Football – 1990-1995 – Produced 20 televised events per year on ESPN.
  • National Basketball Association – 1988-1991 – The NBA, the International Basketball federation, TV specials for ABC, including assistances for the TV production “The McDonalds Basketball Open”.
  • International and National Gymnastics Championship Events – 1984-1990 – Included USGF National championships, American Cup, Russia vs. USA, China vs. USA and many other prestigious events produced by High Bar Productions for CBS, ABC, NBC and ESPN.
  • International Polo Championships – 1989-1991 – One hour Sunday specials on CBS, sponsored by Mercedes and produced by High Bar Productions.
  • National Show Jumping Events – 1990-1994 – produced for National cable regional sports networks, sponsored by Cadillac.

Complete List:


2006 18th Annual Arnold Classic
2006 Gracie Fighting Championships

1984 The Prefontaine Track & Field Classic
1980-1983 The Mesquite Rodeo Series
1990-1994 Arena Football
1990 Lee Haney Championship Workout
1990 Flex Magazine Series
1993-1997 National Physique Committee (NPC)
1995-1999 Co-ed Training
1996-1998 Fitness Beach
1988-2004  BodyShaping

NBC Sports
1984 Gymnastics Championships of the USA
1982-1984 The Emerald Cup
1983 The Syracuse Mile Motorcycling Championships
1984 The Emerald Cup Gymnastics
1985 Caesars Palace Gymnastics Invitational
1986 The Syracuse Mile
1987-1988 Mr. Olympia Contest

ABC Sports
1984 The Medalist Tour
1985 Mary Lou Retton “Fun Fit”
1987-1989 Iditarod

CBS Sports
1978-1979 3-On-3 Pro/Celebrity Basketball Series
1984-1988 McDonald’s American Cup Gymnastics
1989-1990 International Polo Championship
1990-1991 National Show Jumping Championship

HBO Sports
1979-1984 Caesars Palace Men’s Gymnastics Invitational
1979-1984 Caesars Palace Women’s Gymnastics Invitational
1982 International Gymnastics Team Championship
1980 Night of the Young Heavyweights
1980 Albuquerque International Gymnastics Championship
1984 International Gymnastics Team Championships

USA Network
1984 China vs. USA Gymnastics Dual Meet
1981-1984 The Championships: An Inside Look Series
1982-1983 USAIGC National Championships
1981-1983 The Aloha Classic Basketball Tournament
1982 Russia vs. Japan vs. Nebraska Gymnastics Championship
1982 Russia vs. Penn State Gymnastics Championship
1981 Japan vs. Nebraska Gymnastics Championship

Comedy Central
1993 Johnnie Walker Black Comedy Series

1990-1994 National High School Championship

Home Video Productions
1988-2004 BodyShaping Video Series – over 40 workout tapes
1990 10-part Flex Magazine Series
1997 Oscar De La Hoya Championship Boxing Workout


Arnold Classic
Gracie Fighting Championships
Arena Football
National Physique Committee (NPC)
Aloha Basketball Classic
Budweiser 3-on-3 Championships
Caesars Palace Gymnastics Invitational
CBS Sports/NBA Clinics
Emerald Empire Cup Gymnastics
The Florida Derby Festival
Gulfstream Park
International Gymnastics Team Championships
Laguna Seca Champion Spark Plug 200
Loudon Classic
McDonald’s American Cup Gymnastics
Ms. Olympia Contest
Mr. Olympia Contest
Prefontaine Classic Track & Field Championships
Rancho Bernardo International Golf Classic
Schick/American Airlines NBA Old Timers Game
Schick Dad’s Appreciation Night promotions in NBA arenas
Schick Super II Super Hoops Collegiate Basketball Championships
Syracuse Mile
USAIGC National Gymnastics Championships
USGF National Gymnastics Championships
USGF Post Olympic Medalist Tour
Johnnie Walker Black Comedy Series
International Polo Championship
National Show Jumping Championship
National High School Championship
events: basketball and football

NBC Sports
Nissan Cars
Vidal Sassoon
Caesars Palace
Hyatt Hotels
Super Clubs Resorts
ABC Children’s Network
Johnnie Walker Black
American Airlines
Caesars Palace
CBS Sports
Medart Corporation
Nissen Universal Corp.
Schick (Warner Lambert Co.)
The Turner Group
Columbus Sports Network
iN Demand (PPV)
Arnold Sports Festival

Arena Football League (AFB)
IDT (telephone company)
National Physique Committee (NPC)
Gulfstream Park Race Track
International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB)
International Powerlifting Federation
Monmouth Park Race Track
National Basketball Association (NBA)
National Basketball Coaches Association
President’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports
United States Aerial Acrobatic Skiing Association
United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs
United States Collegiate Sports Council
United States Gymnastics Federation
United States Powerlifting Federation
United States Sports Acrobatic Federation
National High School Federation