High Bar Productions, Ltd.
Corporate History & Video Tour


In 1994, High Bar Productions entered into an agreement with ESPN to create a block of new fitness shows: The Flex Magazine Workout Series, Fitness Beach, and Co-ed Training.

The Flex Magazine Workout was produced by High Bar Productions in conjunction with Joe and Ben Weider. Hosted by world champion bodybuilders Boyer Coe, Shawn Ray and Lenda Murray, the Flex Magazine workout is a fast moving, half-hour of information, technique and hard work for the serious body builder. 78 Flex Magazine Workout shows were produced and aired on ESPN. Take a look at this video.


In 1995, High Bar Productions created Fitness Beach and produced 52 shows that aired on ESPN2 for two years. Fitness Beach combines breathtaking locations, four beautiful and articulate certified instructors, and an invigorating blend of cardio workouts and training programs in an entertaining format.  Co-ed Training aired on ESPN2 from 1996-1999 with 78 original shows hosted by a co-ed cast of certified instructors that demonstrated the latest training techniques. Shot in a beautiful resort as a backdrop, Co-ed Training is a ½-hour program that provides cardio exercises in which men and women share in the workout experience together. Take a look at this video for Fitness Beach and Co-ed Training








From 1997 to 2001, High Bar Productions produced and distributed a 60-minute workout video with the Olympic Gold Medalist, multi-world champion, “The Golden Boy” – Oscar De La Hoya. The Oscar De La Hoya Championship Boxing Workout, combines boxercise and skip aerobics that were designed to burn calories, strengthen muscles and improve hand/eye coordination. This production combined with the talents of Oscar De LA Hoya with 1998’s Miss USA, Shawnae Jebbia. Take a look at this video.


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